5 Kid Friendly Foods That Contain Probiotics Orange Juice, Chocolate and More!

5 Kid Friendly Foods That Contain Probiotics…Orange Juice, Chocolate and More!

Have you heard about Probiotics?

This week, we need probiotics after being prescribed a round of antibiotics for everyone’s strep throat. We like to add probiotics where we can into our diet, it’s much easier to convince the kids to eat or drink these items with probiotics than taking any types of medicine. So, I just finished stocking up on these 5 foods with probiotics that kids want to eat and I thought maybe you all would like to know what we do to add probiotic foods. We use them to balance our bodies after taking antibiotics or to just to keep everyone feeling OK. I’m no medical Dr so I do not offer any advice. Please research how they might help you out. Here’s what was added to my shopping list!

 5. Olives

These tasty little finger puppets are not only delicious and fun to play with, there good for you too! This is an easy treat that you can include in lunch boxes, in after school snacks, or appetizers. You can also add them to salads to spruce it up a bit. Check out some snack ideas here on my snack board on Pinterest.

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Olives the most fun snack containing probiotics.


4. Dark Chocolate

Any excuse to eat chocolate is a good one for me! Plus, Dark chocolate is my favorite! It seems that I have shared my love for the dark chocolate with my kids too, they seem to prefer it to milk chocolate! So while you can incorporate as a dessert, my daughter makes a mean mousse, I’ll have to have her make it for the blog one day or you can just eat it! No need to turn it into an occasion! LOL, this may sound a bit too much like a chocolate addict talking here!

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Dark chocolate is a wonderful way for mom to get some extra probiotics sometimes I even share with the kids


3. Pickles

Most kids just love pickles! It seems we can never keep them in the house! They are always gone within the day! Pickles are a great source of probiotics being fermented. Pickles are an easy one to throw into a lunch box or to have with sandwiches. My kids happen to be a bit picky on the pickles that we buy, they prefer the refrigerated dill spears but you can get probiotics from almost any type of pickle!

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Pickles are a great source of probiotics and most kids just love them!

2. Yogurt

Ahh, Yogurt, once upon a time, I made a mistake and bought one of the sugary yogurts. Never again! LOL, Yep, it’s plain old yogurt in this house or if mom’s feeling fancy you might get yogurt with fruit, but that’s about it besides granola Plus. We just love frozen yogurt, it’s replaced traditional ice cream in our home and certain brands contain probiotics as well.

Yogurt is delicious! You can add different fruits to change up your flavors, so it’s not always the same!

1. Orange Juice

I didn’t even know that this was an option until the other day! We are lucky enough to have Indian River Select sponsoring this post. We absolutely love orange juice, my husband grew up in Florida, so he is always drinking up all the juice! LOL It’s a constant on our grocery list, so when I had the opportunity to have this post sponsored by Indian River Select I jumped at it! This is our favorite brand! We love Indian River Select’s Pro health Blend Orange Juice, but I prefer the Indian River Select Brand Pro health Blend Grapefruit Juice. They are both delicious and a very easy way to add in those probiotics every morning before school.

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Indian River’s New Pro health Orange Juice & a muffin is a delicious treat for breakfast!


Unfortunately, I do not have a Harris Teeter near me, but if you do, I have a coupon for you!!!  I always want the best for my readers and this is a win-win! I am able to tell you all how we help manage our health as a family, but I’m also able to help you save a dollar! Click here to sign up for their newsletter to receive your coupon. So, guys, that’s what we do to help add probiotics to the kid’s diet. We are working up to sauerkraut, I am wanting to try making that ourselves too. Adding more fermented items to our diet is a must as well as continuously trying to maintain an overall healthy diet. By no means are we perfect, but we try our best! Until next time, I hope everyone has a lovely day!




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