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Custom Nerf Shirts for Kids

503 Made vcmblog Nerf Boy Custom Shirt Collaboration Etsy
Boy’s Custom Nerf Tee, perfect for Nerf Wars!

We thought it would be really cool to have a Custom Nerf Shirts made for the upcoming Nerf War Birthday Party. I wanted a camo style Nerf shirt for the Nerf War for the Birthday boy. Considering, this is going to be a Nerf War! So after talking with 503 Made we decided to go with a jersey style tee. They worked out wonderfully! He loves both equally, although the darker shirt has turned into his school Nerf shirt, he wears the camo during Nerf wars.  I wanted a funny shirt for a big sister who was going to be the opposite captain of the teams. After looking online and searching Pinterest and Etsy, I came across 503Made and Wandering Monsters , and I just fell in love with their stuff.

Custom Nerf Shirts created by 503Made in collaboration with vcmblog #custom #Nerf #shirt #kids #birthday #present #gift #idea #503Made #vcmblog #collaboration
Boys Custom Nerf Shirts created by 503Made

Nerf Shirts

Wondering Monsters vcmblog Nerf Girl Custom Shirt Collaboration Etsy #nerf #custom #tee #kids #girl #Nerf #shirt #summer #spring
Perfect Big sister Nerf War Shirt!

Wandering Monsters makes a shirt that is the absolute perfect Nerf shirt for the team buddy. As opposite team captain, this shirt was perfect! It worked out well being able to spot both captains easily from a distance. She absolutely loved the thought of receiving a gift on her brother’s birthday!(oh no! What did I start? LOL) Well I did tell her about her surprise gift two weeks before the party. As a result, she was dying to know what it was by the time it came around!! LOL, Wandering Monsters did an amazing job & she loved it immediately! It is a bit big for her, but I anticipate that they will both grow into them by the summer, hence my ordering larger sizes. 🙂 This was the only girl Nerf Shirts that I could find.  

Vertically Challenged Mom with Wondering Monsters and 503Made vcmblog Nerf Boys Girls Kid Custom Shirt Collaboration Etsy #nerf #custom #tee #kids #girl #Nerf #shirt #summer #spring #kid #fashion #clothing
Awe, They look so adorable in their custom Nerf Tee Shirts!

Nerf Gear

We not only wanted really neat Nerf shirts for the birthday party, but we also wanted a way to easily store extra bullets and pistols. It’s important to quickly be able to reload during the war. He received one of the original Nerf Vest from his Grandma for his birthday and he absolutely loves it! But, looking for unique holsters and bullet holders, we found this company Sew Dang Kewl that makes custom bandolier as well as bullet holding wristbands and pistol holsters. Working with Sew Dang Kewl, we got two pistol holders, 2 wristbands and the bandolier for my son for his birthday. We wish we would have bought them as party favours. (Actually one of the kids attending the Nerf War asked why I didn’t buy some for everyone! So I know what everyone’s getting for Christmas!) 

#Custom #Nerf #blue #pistol #holsters made by #Sew #Dang #Kewl in #collaboration with #vcmblog for #Nerf #War #kids #boys #birthday #present #ideas
Sew Dang Kewl Nerf War Birthday Gift Ideas

They fit perfectly for the smaller kids. Most of all, I love how it works with a belt on your clothes already. The kids had an easy time swapping and taking turns sharing them. They are easy to take the bullets out of and quickly reload, yet still being snug enough to hold the bullets while running around and jumping and climbing. While as the bandolier does not adjust, it seems to fit children between the ages of 12 and 2. Very well.

#Custom #Nerf #blue #pistol #holsters made by #Sew #Dang #Kewl in #collaboration with #vcmblog for #Nerf #War #kids #boys #birthday #present #ideas
This holster is the perfect way to store your Nerf Pistol!

Thank You!

In conclusion, we were incredibly lucky to be able to work with these wonderful shops!  Huge thanks again to 503 Made, Wandering Monsters and Sew Dang Kewl. The kids love the shirts and custom Nerf gear. Everyone was wonderful to work with! Great customer service. Fast shipping. Fast order turnaround. You can click here to see the full list of all companies that we collaborated with on this project. Most of all, I hope this helps you dress your Nerf team, whether it’s a community team, a family team or just a few kids. Please click here to find more Nerf Birthday Ideas

Custom Made Nerf Shirts for Kids by vcmblog, 503made, Wandering Monsters, SewDangKewl,
They love their Custom Nerf Shirts!

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