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How to Save Big Money on Heirloom Seeds

Ahhh, there is nothing better than tasting a fresh sun-warmed heirloom tomato and pepper with your dinner. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that have dedicated your time to growing this heirloom vegetable from a seed, investing days, weeks, which turn into months of work, has been put into the trust that this very moment was going to happen. The rewarding feeling is like that of no other.

Homegrown always tastes a thousand times better than anything you ever buy at the store. Coming across heirloom seeds this day and age are rare from family and friends. It can be a big expense for an already pricey hobby. Luckily enough for me, I was shown this great heirloom seed kit from The Shop at Monticello.


Heirloom seeds, seed saving, organic, gardening, raised bed gardening
Heirloom Seed Kit

The kit that they come in is absolutely beautiful and there are ten delicious varieties from the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants. This kit is an amazing value and is a perfect home for all of your seeds! This kit will be the perfect way to get started saving your tomato seeds. That my friend is how you are going to be saving yourself tons of money. Yep, buy the seeds once and save them forever! Plus, if you start to save your seeds, you can always swap out with friends for other varieties and types of vegetables and fruits.

heirloom, seeds, gardening, organic, plants,
Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants Heirloom Vegetable Kit

They also have a kit that includes heirloom Long Red Cayenne Pepper, Yellow Pear Tomato, Cherokee Purple Tomato, Paris White Cos Lettuce, Long Green Improved Cucumber, Scarlet Runner Bean, White Eggplant, Bullnose Pepper, Rouge Demi-Longue de Chantenay Carrot and Early Curled Siberian Kale. Soooo…. Ya, I really want both sets!

Luckily enough my mom wants a kit as well, so we are going to both buy one then split the contents. 🙂 Us ladies are always trying to save us some money! Make sure to save those seeds my gardener friends! Us gardeners always love to swap! I will be posting next week how to ensure that you’re saving your tomato seeds properly. 🙂 I would love to hear how you inherited your heirloom seeds.  Did you receive them from family and friends or did you have to go buy them? If so who do you recommend? Tag me @vcmblog on Instagram, I always love to see your gardens!

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