Why I'm a Minecraft Loving Mama! #vcmblog #minecraft #kids #parenting

Why I’m a Minecraft Loving Mama!

 Why I’m a Minecraft Loving Mama!

Why I'm a Minecraft Loving Mama! #vcmblog #momlife #minecraft
Minecraft is the best video game ever!

First of all, my husband picked up a copy Minecraft years ago when it first came out. He was initially quite excited about the game. He played for a few weeks in standard game mode and quickly moved on to a new game. (He’s more of a Halo, Skyrim player.) Little did he know the craze of what was to come! Almost immediately our kids took over the X-Box and got busy building. Ever since it’s been game on. Every second of free time, I hear “Can we play Minecraft?” Sure! But, First, you must………. And as a result, this is why I’m a Minecraft loving mama!

The kids are allowed 20 minutes twice a day to play, which to any person who has played Minecraft, that seems like no time at all. Furthermore, they are rewarded with the first set of play time if they have woke up and gotten ready for school with no problems. Everything must be done, though otherwise, you’re going to be late! So after they are dressed, have eaten and are ready to walk out the door (even shoes on), they can play. This has been a great motivator and they really rush so that they are not cutting into their game time in the morning! Yipee! I never have to say “Hurry up or we’re going to be late”!

Why I'm a Minecraft Loving Mama! #vcmblog #minecraft #xbox #parent #momlife
The kids want this for Christmas!

Minecraft convinces kids to eat vegetables!

The second set of twenty minutes comes after school. They must, of course, have a snack, do homework and chores as well as go outside and play to wear off energy. After dinner, they get together and work on their group projects on Minecraft.This is also a great way to ensure that even if dinner isn’t a favourite, theirs not going to be complaints or whining because they want to get back to the game. Way to go Minecraft! Most noteworthy, thank you for convincing my kids to eat their vegetables!

Awesome Minecraft Periodic Table! Why i'm a Minecraft loving mama!
Awesome Minecraft Periodic Table!

Unlimited creative abilities.

I have been truly shocked to see what they create. Last night they built a University and Library, another day, they had built a beautiful dog park that resembled the one that they visited on vacation. They have built farms, stables, and barns. They built a small town with a post office, bakery, outdoor amphitheatre even a grocery store! It’s amazing what all they learn from this game. My son asked if I used bone meal in my garden because on Minecraft it helps plants to grow.

Why I'm a Minecraft Loving Mama! #vcmblog #minecraft #xbox
Minecraft Story Mode is another way to play!

Allows for long distance play.

Using X-Box Live, the kids are able to play Minecraft online with cousins from Florida and Missouri at the same time. Our kids are growing up states away from each other yet, they talk and play together on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. This has been a wonderful addition to an already amazing game. Then, when they do get together, they still play Minecraft! With four kids within a six year age group, this game is a huge success. Plus, it’s a super easy way to win Auntie of the year award when you send them anything Minecraft related, reason 9,999 why I’m a Minecraft loving mama! Now, Please keep in mind as with any online video game, who they play with needs to be monitored. 🙂 Our policy now while they are young they cannot play with anyone but family and friends that we have approved.

Why I'm a Minecraft Loving Mama! It teaches children how to communicate. #vcmblog #minecraft
What a great idea! Minecraft stop motion!


Minecraft teaches communication skills.

Last but most definitely not least, this game is a wonderful way to get kids to communicate. They have the option of working together on a project or separately. Kids are able to discuss wants, needs, goals, challenges and accomplishments and failures. It allows for a safe environment to try and fail. It seems that they quickly learn that in order to create a large structure they must work together. This brings up many topics, suggestions, ideas, because of this, they must discuss why they decide to decline. Our rule is no arguing. They a can disagree, but if it becomes an issue, the game is turned off. Consequently, this rule forces the kids to work out disagreements in order to continue.


Minecraft Mod Software for Kids
Amazing Minecraft Mod Software For Kids!


Finally, you can customise your Minecraft experience.

There are many options that allow them to customise the world in addition to the skins. Players choose their own settings such Survival, Creative, Hardcore, Adventure, Spectator, Demo while they all offer a different game experience, it seems creative is the easiest for children just starting out. You can always go back and start again. Minecraft is the true legendary classic game of our children’s generation. As it should be. It’s a truly amazing game with little to no boundaries of possibilities. Consequently, that’s why I’m a Minecraft loving mama! There is a Minecraft Educational Edition that I really hope my son’s school is able to invest into. The teachers can assign homework of Minecraft! What kid’s not going to want to do that?! It seems like a great way to keep kids involved. I have started pinning educational ideas here on my Pinterest Board Minecraft if you’re interested!

In conclusion, I just love Minecraft. So does my family! Please share what you all have created! Please tag #vcmblog on Instagram or find me at Vertically Challenged Mom on Facebook. I always love to hear your opinion and I would love to meet other Minecraft loving mama’s out there!

I'm a Minecraft Loving Mama who also loves Code.org
Code.org is a great way to introduce kids to coding.


Why I'm a Minecraft Loving Mama! #vcmblog #minecraft #kids #parenting
Why I’m a Minecraft Loving Mama!

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  1. This is amazing! You seem like you have quite smartly if I may say set up a way of communication many pare ts struggle to have with their kids. Great job!!! Inspiring!

    1. Lol, I’m right there with you! I try to keep up with Minecraft on Facebook so that I can tell the kids what new is coming out, then beyond that, I have no clue what they are talking about, but they think I do! LOL~

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