Very easy to make DIY Minecraft TNT perfect for birthday parties, as decorations, and more!

DIY Minecraft TNT Decoration

DIY Minecraft TNT Decoration!


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DIY Minecraft TNT Birthday Party Decoration Easy, Simple, Low Cost.

Today we are making our DIY Minecraft TNT Decoration! Minecraft Mania is still going strong here in this vertically challenged mom’s house! My son loves to cover everything in lava and to blow up anything in site! He may be a demolisher when he grows up! lol

But because the dynamite is his favorite, I want to make sure to have them as a strong feature during our Minecraft birthday party! As he keeps reminding, it’s his party and he’s going to be in charge! Lol, So we must have dynamite!

I have made three of them, adjusting my technique each time for a dynamic dynamite! After creating the video below, I corrected the TNT so that they all align correctly. So when you print your Free Minecraft Dynamite Templates they will be the correct size! Enjoy! Please ask any questions below and I will answer them asap! Have a Blast at your Minecraft Birthday Party!



You can download your Free Minecraft Dynamite Template here.
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4 thoughts on “DIY Minecraft TNT Decoration”

  1. My two boys are huge Minecraft fans! I was ambitious one year and wanted to make a Minecraft birthday cake but being too pregnant got in the way lol. But I will make that cake one day. Your Minecraft decorations look great. I will use for when I finally decide to be ambitious again and tackle that Minecraft cake.

    1. Thanks! Both of my kids are crazy about Minecraft! The favorite part of the cake, (even the party really) was the rice crispy trees on the kit kat bars. Luckily we had just enough for the kids, they all wanted one!!!

  2. My little guy just got into Minecraft and he’s the same way. Everything gets covered in lava. He’ll probably request a Minecraft themed party for next year since his birthday has already passed. Thanks for the tutorial and printables!

    1. Good Luck with the party, I’m currently planning the second Minecraft party, the first one was such a hit, and they have learned so much more that they want to get together and build a whole theme park at the party. I think it’s a great idea, we are going to have everyone build their own creation then we will have the whole world once everyone is done. Plus, they can go home and continue to work together on the theme park! It’s such a great game. Good Luck! I would love to see how it turns out!

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