Vertically Challenged Mom's Fashion Journey seeking clothing that fits short women. #pants #dresses #fashion #clothing #dress #women #30 #shirts #selfesteem #pride #clothes #girls #momfashion #short #petite #little #small

Vertically Challenged Mom’s Fashion Journey

Welcome to my Vertically Challenged Fashion Journey! 

Each year, I give myself the gift of improvement on a personal level. This year’s gift is that of fashion. Last year, I strove for Mindfulness. This year, I want to polish my exterior. For the past few years, I have put myself on the back burner. I have gained weight, lost a sense of style and fallen into a rut of sweat pants and t-shirts. This year, that shits going to change! The kids are old enough to pitch in and help out, it’s time I get back to thinking about myself for a bit without guilt.

Vertically Challenged Mom's Fashion Journey seeking clothing that fits short women. #pants #dresses #fashion #clothing #dress #women #30 #shirts #selfesteem #pride #clothes #girls #momfashion #short #petite #little #small
Join my fashion journey as I try to find clothing for women below 4ft 6in tall.

As you can tell by my blogs name, I’m a Vertically Challenged Mom. At only 4ft 6 in tall, it is nearly impossible to find clothing that fits, let alone is in my style. So many days have been ruined by going from clothing store to clothing store just breaking down my already delicate self-esteem. Nothing is worse than shopping at six stores and leaving with nothing.

Ok, I’m done with this! 

I know that I cannot be alone with this problem in the world. Can you believe that Petite is 5’4? That only leaves us around a foot away, so what do we call ourselves? Are we Micro Women? I’m going to have to discover the proper term for my height! I do not appreciate a junior’s nor do I enjoy being a “Boy’s, Husky”. I’m ready to wear adult women’s clothing that is fashionable and fun! Now, Where can I find clothing that fits? I have no clue. Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin.


Vertically Challenged Mom's Fashion Journey seeking clothing that fits short women. #pants #dresses #fashion #clothing #dress #women #30 #shirts #selfesteem #pride #clothes #girls #momfashion #short #petite #little #small
Vertically Challenged Mom’s Fashion Journey seeking clothing that fits short women. #pants #dresses #fashion #clothing #dress #women #30 #shirts #selfesteem #pride #clothes #girls #momfashion #short #petite #little #small

So, during my year long journey, I intend on keeping all of my followers up to date and informed of all new fashion trends that I discover along with how-to’s that will help customise clothing into outfits that work great for us vertically challenged mom’s! I am going to be pinning outfits and other fashion ideas on my Pinterest boards. I am creating multiple boards for each season along with accessories and shoes.

That reminds me shoes! Ah, another frustrating but slightly easier on the shopping is shoes. I know everyone’s shoe size is different, but at size 5 in women’s, this mama is constantly having issues once again finding something to fit! So, I will be listing the places that I find that not only offer a great selection but are within a reasonable price range. I mean come on, while this journey may be about me, our budget affects everyone in the house. No big shoe shopping sprees anytime soon for this mama!

Ultimate Goal:

  • Buy a summer dress that I love.
    • I want to wear it and feel comfortable, pretty, and be able to honestly wear it with my crazy lifestyle.
  • Buy pants that I love!
    • I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I want comfort, pockets big enough to use and a hemline that fits me.
  • A bra that fits!
    • The straps are always too big! I want to waste 0% of my time pulling up that damn strap this year!
  • A favourite shirt that’s not a Tshirt.
    • No offence to t-shirts but that’s all I’ve worn for years now. I want a pretty, dressy, simple to care for, the type of blouse that I can wear when  I have somewhere nice to go.
  • Show every other woman out there that lives life to the fullest in the 4 ft range that, they too can find clothing that fits and is realistic. That you can wear it while being a busy mom, but still feel good about yourself. Allowing your personality to show through your wardrobe.


Vertically Challenged Mom's Fashion Journey seeking clothing that fits short women. #pants #dresses #fashion #clothing #dress #women #30 #shirts #selfesteem #pride #clothes #girls #momfashion #short #petite #little #small
Join my Vertically Challenged Mom’s Fashion Journey!

I’m am going, to be honest, I’m nervous.

I am going completely out of my comfort zone here, addressing my biggest fears such as selfies, trying on clothing, wearing new colours, fabrics, new styles that have thus far been out of reach in my life. I am going to fully document this journey, letting you into my everyday life. I’ve never been more excited about any project that I have ever undertaken in my life to date.

I truly thank you for making this possible. My readers are my striving motivation on a daily basis, I look forward to having you all next to me in my Vertically Challenged Fashion Journey. You can follow me on Instagram @vcmblog and at Pinterest @vcmblog I’ll be updating there every day. Post are in the works to show you a wardrobe that will fit all year including spring, summer, fall and winter outfits, accessories, as well as the basic capsule wardrobe. Btw, who knew capsule wardrobe was a thing? Apparently, it’s the clothes you wear the most and are basics. I’ll have a post on it soon. LOL! See, we’re already learning!

8 thoughts on “Vertically Challenged Mom’s Fashion Journey”

    1. Ya, I wouldnt mind trimming 2-3 inches of each pair of jeans but when I’m taking 6-7 inches off, I feel like I’m wasting a half a pair of jeans! LOL

  1. I can totally relate to searching for a bra that fits! I always find a challenge and when I finally find one that works, I am astounded at the price. Good luck in your search!

    1. Thank you so very much! I will tag you in that upcoming post about finding the right fits! Thanks for stopping by & have a lovely day!

    1. Thank you, Thank you! Yes, Ma’am! You are 100% correct! I bought a sewing machine thinking I would quickly learn. LOL now if only I could sew a straight line! So yes, I am going to get to know my tailor! Thanks!

  2. I love that you are doing this. I can totally relate to not always being able to find clothes that fit or that make you feel good but I really think it’s just about thinking outside the box! I have faith that you can do this! Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I am definitely learning new things about fashion that I never knew before! Thanks for the positivity, I look forward to seeing the outcome!

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