Our Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Birthday Party Mania has officially came to an end here at the Vertically Challenged Mom’s House! Well, it has been transferred from birthday party to the actual Minecraft game again as well as redecorating my son’s room Minecraft style which now includes Minecraft Lego’s! This is one happy boy!We had my son’s 5th Minecraft Birthday Party last weekend and it was such a huge success! All of the children recognized the theme right away! Here’s a quick overview of our party.

It was so cute to see my son hand out “his” Minecraft Birthday Party Invitations to his friends who would immediately start jumping up and down because they were invited, and not only invited, but they had the ticket in their hand to THE party. 

Minecraft Dynamite

My son was blown away with all of the dynamite decorations and the terrific Minecraft Cake.

Minecraft Birthday Cake
The rice crispy trees were a huge success! All the kids wanted grass and trees with water! We froze the cake for the last two hours before the party and it gave the jello a cool design in the water. Over all huge success! 
DIY Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations

  In addition to the dynamite we also created a Minecraft Zombie and a Ghast. They are now room decorations! We had such a great time during this party! I feel we could host a Minecraft Birthday Party every year just to add on to the great details and DIY activities! We have inspired friends and family to check out Minecraft, the video game is avaliable for Computer, X-Box, PlayStation and they also have a mobile version. Thanks for checking out our Minecraft Birthday Party!

Minecraft Thank You Card

 Now, it’s time to send out the Minecraft Thank You cards. I think instead of party favors, I should have given out Xbox Gift Certificates so that the kids could buy new Minecraft Skins. That would have been awesome! Thanks for checking out all of our fun Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas!

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas
Happy 5th Birthday Mr. Quinn!

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