Kid Game Download

Our usage of Tablets, Computers, Video Games and Phones have exploded recently. Especially  in our house! I am a person who has grown up with a computer in my home at all times. When we moved to Tennessee eight years ago, there was no internet avaliable in our area. High speed internet just became avaliable in our area, just as our oldest daughter received a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas and Quinn got  a new Zeepad for his birthday, and a Nintendo DS for Christmas. So needless to say the kids internet usage went from 0% to well over two hours a day.

I love video games as much as my kids (okay I clearly don’t love them that much!) But, we do appreciate a good game around here! So my compromise is that they must spend half of their electronic time on an educational game. This has been much easier for my ten year old daughter than for my five year old son just due to the lack of engagement of the educational games for him. He can spy an Educational game a mile away and run! lol!

We are hooked on Dr. Panda’s Restaurant! Both my son and daughter love this game! While it’s not the ABC’s or 123, it does show your child cooking skills! I watched my son butter the skillet and dice the onions to saute them! Later that evening, I caught him making a Kiwi Smoothie in his play kitchen in his bedroom. 

They even have to wash the dishes! There are a bunch of Dr. Panda Apps that we haven’t tried yet but, it seems that if they are half as great as the kitchen, they will be wonderful! 

Phoenix as an A-B honor roll student. Every time she has gotten a B it has been in Social Studies. So when she came in from school excited to do her Social Studies homework, you can imagine my surprise! Once we downloaded the app and she logged in, we looked at the games her and her classmates were playing. She was very eager to be able to get a higher score than her teacher and classmates!

Quizlet is avaliable online, and for the Kindle and iPhone. It is a lot of fun, honestly, I’m going to have to make my own account and really check it out. I saw when I was researching it, that A LOT of teachers were using Quizlet to have students group study! I have been playing Trivia Crack but it was over her education level so I’m super excited to see Quizlet! But, if your looking for a bit of fun that doesn’t take a lot of time check out the Trivia Crack, you might like it!

Until next time! Have a great day! I hope these game reviews helped you! Please leave any questions or comments below! I would love to hear from you! Also if you have any game suggestions, please let me know! I’m always looking for a good educational app and sometimes just want to have fun playing a game! Widgets


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