Our Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Birthday Party Mania has officially came to an end here at the Vertically Challenged Mom’s House! Well, it has been transferred from birthday party to the actual Minecraft game again as well as redecorating my son’s room Minecraft style which now includes Minecraft Lego’s! This is one happy boy!We had my son’s 5th Minecraft Birthday Party last weekend and it was such a huge success! All of the children recognized the theme right away! Here’s a quick overview of our party.

It was so cute to see my son hand out “his” Minecraft Birthday Party Invitations to his friends who would immediately start jumping up and down because they were invited, and not only invited, but they had the ticket in their hand to THE party. 

Minecraft Dynamite

My son was blown away with all of the dynamite decorations and the terrific Minecraft Cake.

Minecraft Birthday Cake
The rice crispy trees were a huge success! All the kids wanted grass and trees with water! We froze the cake for the last two hours before the party and it gave the jello a cool design in the water. Over all huge success! 
DIY Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations

  In addition to the dynamite we also created a Minecraft Zombie and a Ghast. They are now room decorations! We had such a great time during this party! I feel we could host a Minecraft Birthday Party every year just to add on to the great details and DIY activities! We have inspired friends and family to check out Minecraft, the video game is avaliable for Computer, X-Box, PlayStation and they also have a mobile version. Thanks for checking out our Minecraft Birthday Party!

Minecraft Thank You Card

 Now, it’s time to send out the Minecraft Thank You cards. I think instead of party favors, I should have given out Xbox Gift Certificates so that the kids could buy new Minecraft Skins. That would have been awesome! Thanks for checking out all of our fun Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas!

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas
Happy 5th Birthday Mr. Quinn!

Minecraft Cake

Minecraft Birthday Cake 

Our Minecraft Birthday Cake was the most successful part of our Minecraft Birthday Party! The birthday boy was ecstatic to see his cake being built out of cake, Rice Crispy Treats, Kit-Kat’s and Jolly Rancher Gelatin. All of the kids wanted a Tree with grass and a bit of Jello!

 We used a Wilton Grass Tip: 233 to add the grass affect on top of the dark chocolate cake mix. The trees were created by mixing green food coloring into the rice crispy treats, then I put a sandwich bag bag over the smallest Rubbermaid container I have that is square, and I packed them in. Using the sandwich bag, I just pulled on the bag and it pulled out a perfect square. We waited until they cooled to the touch but before they completely hardened and we stuck the Kit Kat Candy Bars into them. We waited until two hours before the party to assemble the cake. Because the cake was two big to be refrigerated, we have a chest freezer that we put the cake into to keep the jello solid. We applied the trees right before the cake cutting to insure no tree’s fell. Overall great fun to make, eat and show off! Overall, not truly extensive on cooking or decorating, more time was spent on planning and production than baking or frosting. It was a great   Minecraft Birthday Party
and it would not have been possible without our inspirations! Check out some of these cakes! They are so neat! What gamer wouldn’t love a Minecraft Birthday Cake?

This was such a great tutorial oh how to make the grass and cake mix. I was running short on time so did not do the outer crumb layer and the cake was dry because of it. Next time, I do believe the crumb layer is in order!
Minecraft Birthday Green Grass
This was a great tutorial! It was nice to watch someone create the cake before we did, just to hear about their experience! I love YouTube!

This is where our Kit – Kat inspiration came from! I was trying to make them into small boxes, but they were more difficult to handle than I had expected and I was trying to shape mine while they were still hot.

And this was the ultimate decision maker on what type of size we were wanting, although we made our smaller because we had around 20 people, we didn’t need a whole lot of cake left over.

Thank you so much for checking out our Minecraft Birthday Cake as well as the inspirations that brought us our vision of our very own Minecraft Cake! If you are looking for more Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas, Free Minecraft Birthday Checklist, and Decorations, Check out my other blog post! Until next time! Let’s eat cake!

Minecraft Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations Free Template Download
Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations
Today we are deciding on games for our indoor Minecraft Birthday Party. We are going to do our best keeping these little builders busy! We are planning on the party lasting about two and a half hours with six to eight children attending. The majority of kids are between five and seven. We are looking for games that allows them to have fun without getting to crazy as it is going to be a packed house! So, let the games begin! Here are a few good ideas I have found while scouring the internet! At the bottom of the post, I am including the Free Downloadable Templates for your very own Minecraft TNT Decoration! Enjoy!
I stumbled upon Family Shopping Bag and was just amazed by what I saw! It is Printable Heaven! There are all things printable for mine craft including these table tents that I have been wanting to get my hands on! 
I promise not to just share The family Shopping Bag’s links, but she also has the Minecraft Bookmarks that I have been wanting! I cannot wait to give these out as party favors! 
Free printable Minecraft bookmarks
I just love this Minecraft Glass look that they gave to there sliding glass door. We are going to have a sliding glass doors behind us as well, I wonder if I will have time to get to this, it looks quite accurate!
This is a great tutorial I have found on how to create a Steve Head. I think it may cause a fight or two if we only have one head, so I guess, we might have to make two! 

 Here is our version of our Minecraft TNT decorations. We created them using square boxes and tissue paper and crepe paper and a few printables that I will post soon.