April’s Book Review of the Month.

The Flower Chef by Carly Cylinder

The Flower Chef by Carly Cylinder

This post was made possible by Blogger Babes. I received a complimentary copy of The Flower Chef in exchange for my honest review. Thoughts are 100% my own.

I’m so excited about this month’s book review! Not only is it a great book, but you have the opportunity to win $1,000! It has been terrifically exciting and adventurous! I am trying to make sure I schedule “me time” this month. This is a true rarity around this household! I did get a chance to sneak away the other afternoon. (see the photo above, that was a real moment in my life! I swear blogging has become picture perfect!!!)  I ended up extending my 1/2 break to an hour and a wish list of plants for mother’s day! Carly is so very creative! I love how she took simply flowers and plants and made such a remarkable centerpiece that will certainly become a conversation starter at a dinner party.

Photo Credit : @theflowerchef on Instagram
It is just so beautiful! I think I would smile every time I walked past it. I really want you to get a copy of this book, it took me from an admirer of cut flowers to a new summer hobby.  I really want those antique hydrangeas! Green is my favorite color so I personally loved the calm and collected arrangement that she makes. I’m going to keep you up to date on what bouquets I make in the future, be sure to follow my Instagram, that’s where they will be. I am so very excited to announce my first blog FREE giveaway!!! Thanks to Blogger BabesLuna Bazaar and The Flower Chef for the opportunity to give a FREE COPY to a Vertically Challenged Mom reader! Register HERE for your opportunity to win!

Vertically Challenged Mom The Flower Chef Giveaway

The Flower Chef book Giveaway will be announced on April 22, 2016, on the Vertically Challenged Mom’s Facebook. Thank you all so very much for your support. As always please follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

Heads up to my fellow flower lovers!  Blogger BabesLuna Bazaar, and The Flower Chef are hosting a giveaway #DIYFloralArrangement on Pinterest! We all know I love Pinterest! So if you can combine Pinterest and free money, you have my attention! They have multiple ways to win, so please make sure that you check out all the details below!

I have a few local florist but their price tags are out of my league unless it is a special occasion, so I really don’t get the pleasure of cut flowers in my home, but I grow quite a few different types of flowers each summer. Now I cannot wait to use the great tips that I learned to make beautiful bouquets all summer long. The Flower Chef is a wonderful resource to refer to as a quick reference and as a detailed explanation of the in’s and out’s of how to create that beautiful flower bouquet of professional quality yourself! Plus there are so many different aspects to creating bouquets that I had never even thought of!

I would love to see your creation in the and I would love for one of my readers to be the winner of the $1,000 prize! Also, send me a link to your board on Pinterest I would love to follow you!

DIY floral arrangement giveaway blogger babes vertically challenged mom
Contest #2: Create a Pinterest Board
blogger babes, the flower chef, vertically challenged mom
I posted a few of her videos below just so that you can get a better idea of the kind of great tips that she gives in detail. Many of her bouquets include roses, hydrangeas, calla lilies, peonies, coxcomb, mums, and so many flowers that I already have in my garden. I cannot wait to start making my own cut flower arrangements!
Here is just a sample of how great The Flower Chef really is! Check out these handy tips for your cut flowers.
I really appreciate you checking out April’s Book review and would love to hear what you thought! Please leave me a message below, I always look forward to hearing from my readers! If you have a book that you suggest I read, please leave it in the link below.

Also, check out everyone who made this fun experience for me as well as hosting our giveaway.

This post was made possible by Blogger Babes. I received a complimentary copy of The Flower Chef in exchange for my honest review. Thoughts are 100% my own.

Minecraft Bedroom

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed

 I promise that soon this blog will talk about more than just Minecraft ! But not today! Today I am going to show you all the great stuff I found to redecorate my now five-year-old son’s bedroom. The Minecraft birthday party went over so well and we were contemplating what theme we wanted to use to redecorate his room from toddler to big boy. We asked him about having more Minecraft stuff in his room and he was so excited! This works out great because he just received tons of Minecraft stuff for his birthday and we have the Minecraft Dynamite and Zombie from the party that we are going to utilize as well.







Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed

  I think this would look super cool painted to resemble Minecraft blocks on this Bookcase.

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed

 This 9 Cube Storage Unit Shelf would be a perfect place for him to put away his book bag, and lego boxes.

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed

  I like this brown Fabric Drawer to use in the cube shelf. I think between this brown and the green one below it would give a nice contrast to the dark shelf. I’m considering painting the shelf to look like stone, but i’m not sure.

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed

 I like these green Soft Storage Bins

Starting with the Wall Decorations

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed
This is a cool Minecraft Endermanwall graphic. I like these because they are so easy to apply and remove.

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed

He loves this poster. We were convinced his sister was going to put it in her room though the way she wanted it! I think we may end up with two of these posters!

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed
He received this Minecraft Poster for his birthday and just loves it! I was in trouble because I didn’t hang it up fast enough! lol

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed
I want to light up below his bunk on his bed with these torches! They are going to work great! He has a bed with a top bunk and a play area below but it’s really dark so this Wall Torch is going to be really nice.

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed
Oh this Creeper Light Cover would be so cool! I wonder if they have light switches!

Bed covers

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed

This is cute, even though it’s not really Minecraft this Ikea Cover and Pillowcases it still is a similar block pattern.

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed
I Love the idea of a Stayclean Comforter
he has a hard time adjusting to change but I think if it’s the Minecraft Bed, he would be so excited he would go to bed early!

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed

With the Minecraft Red Bedspread, it must go with White Pillows! I want to make sure to have no lines show through from theWhite Pillows when we put them in white Pillow Cases.


Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed

This Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush is so cute! Quinn is going to love it! Phoenix said we should get two so that they can be brother and sister! I love it! This will look great on top of  the shelf!

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed

This Minecraft: The Complete Handbook  is not only nice to look at but helpful for the game! Quinn received one of the books for his birthday, but I’m sure he would love the whole set. We are going to be checking them out at our local library, check out our Bedtime Stories, I’m sure that we will be reviewing them soon!

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed
Quinn is all about his night light so this Minecraft Redstone Ore is a must! I think it would be neat to hang a few from a box tree.

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed
I’m not 100% sure of where to put this just yet, but I’m sure it can’t be to bad, it’s a Minecraft Squid Plush after all, how could you go wrong with that!

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed
Quinn just loves to throw Ocelot eggs so he will appreciate having this Minecraft Baby Ocelot

Vertically Challenged Mom!  Kids Minecraft Bedroom Ideas #Minecraft #kids #bedroom #kidsbedroom #kidroom #bedroom #makeover #minecraftkid #kid #Minecraftbed
I have seen these along the wall, I think it would look really neat to line them with LED lights behind them to make the Minecraft Sword & Pickaxe stand out even more! It would look great on the wall above his television.

I had a great time reseasrching for this bedroom makeover. I can’t wait to get started! Please share your Mincraft bedroom ideas! 

Our Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Birthday Party Mania has officially came to an end here at the Vertically Challenged Mom’s House! Well, it has been transferred from birthday party to the actual Minecraft game again as well as redecorating my son’s room Minecraft style which now includes Minecraft Lego’s! This is one happy boy!We had my son’s 5th Minecraft Birthday Party last weekend and it was such a huge success! All of the children recognized the theme right away! Here’s a quick overview of our party.

It was so cute to see my son hand out “his” Minecraft Birthday Party Invitations to his friends who would immediately start jumping up and down because they were invited, and not only invited, but they had the ticket in their hand to THE party. 

Minecraft Dynamite

My son was blown away with all of the dynamite decorations and the terrific Minecraft Cake.

Minecraft Birthday Cake
The rice crispy trees were a huge success! All the kids wanted grass and trees with water! We froze the cake for the last two hours before the party and it gave the jello a cool design in the water. Over all huge success! 
DIY Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations

  In addition to the dynamite we also created a Minecraft Zombie and a Ghast. They are now room decorations! We had such a great time during this party! I feel we could host a Minecraft Birthday Party every year just to add on to the great details and DIY activities! We have inspired friends and family to check out Minecraft, the video game is avaliable for Computer, X-Box, PlayStation and they also have a mobile version. Thanks for checking out our Minecraft Birthday Party!

Minecraft Thank You Card

 Now, it’s time to send out the Minecraft Thank You cards. I think instead of party favors, I should have given out Xbox Gift Certificates so that the kids could buy new Minecraft Skins. That would have been awesome! Thanks for checking out all of our fun Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas!

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas
Happy 5th Birthday Mr. Quinn!

Minecraft Cake

Minecraft Birthday Cake 

Our Minecraft Birthday Cake was the most successful part of our Minecraft Birthday Party! The birthday boy was ecstatic to see his cake being built out of cake, Rice Crispy Treats, Kit-Kat’s and Jolly Rancher Gelatin. All of the kids wanted a Tree with grass and a bit of Jello!

 We used a Wilton Grass Tip: 233 to add the grass affect on top of the dark chocolate cake mix. The trees were created by mixing green food coloring into the rice crispy treats, then I put a sandwich bag bag over the smallest Rubbermaid container I have that is square, and I packed them in. Using the sandwich bag, I just pulled on the bag and it pulled out a perfect square. We waited until they cooled to the touch but before they completely hardened and we stuck the Kit Kat Candy Bars into them. We waited until two hours before the party to assemble the cake. Because the cake was two big to be refrigerated, we have a chest freezer that we put the cake into to keep the jello solid. We applied the trees right before the cake cutting to insure no tree’s fell. Overall great fun to make, eat and show off! Overall, not truly extensive on cooking or decorating, more time was spent on planning and production than baking or frosting. It was a great   Minecraft Birthday Party
and it would not have been possible without our inspirations! Check out some of these cakes! They are so neat! What gamer wouldn’t love a Minecraft Birthday Cake?

This was such a great tutorial oh how to make the grass and cake mix. I was running short on time so did not do the outer crumb layer and the cake was dry because of it. Next time, I do believe the crumb layer is in order!
Minecraft Birthday Green Grass
This was a great tutorial! It was nice to watch someone create the cake before we did, just to hear about their experience! I love YouTube!

This is where our Kit – Kat inspiration came from! I was trying to make them into small boxes, but they were more difficult to handle than I had expected and I was trying to shape mine while they were still hot.

And this was the ultimate decision maker on what type of size we were wanting, although we made our smaller because we had around 20 people, we didn’t need a whole lot of cake left over.

Thank you so much for checking out our Minecraft Birthday Cake as well as the inspirations that brought us our vision of our very own Minecraft Cake! If you are looking for more Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas, Free Minecraft Birthday Checklist, and Decorations, Check out my other blog post! Until next time! Let’s eat cake!

Minecraft TNT Decoration

Minecraft Mania is still going strong here in this vertically challenged mom’s house! Today we are making our Minecraft dynamite birthday party decorations! My son loves to cover everything in lava and to blow up anything in site! He may be a demolisher when he grows up! lol But because the dynamite is his favorite, I want to make sure to have them as a strong feature during our Minecraft birthday party! As he keeps reminding, it’s his party and he’s going to be in charge! lol So we must have dynamite! I have made three of them, adjusting my technique each time for a dynamic dynamite! After creating the video below, I corrected the TNT so that they all align correctly. So when you print your Free Minecraft Dynamite Templates they will be the correct size! Enjoy! Please ask any questions below and I will answer them asap! Have a Blast at your Minecraft Birthday Party!

You can download your Free Minecraft Dynamite Template here.