Top 7 Gift Ideas for Bloggers

If you need to shop for a blogger this mother’s day season here are the top five gifts that she would appreciate! This information is actually useful for any holiday or surprise gift. Nothing shows support to a new blogger than pitching in and helping out.  Trust me you will win huge brownie points with any of these gifts!

7. Host Gator. – Website hosting service. 

This is a domain hosting service that runs a couple hundred dollars a year. Any new blogger would appreciate having this monthly cost off of their shoulders. It’s not a high cost on a monthly rate but for new bloggers please keep in mind that every cent counts. Host gator is my favorite domain service, I have used it on multiple websites with great success. I love their technical service as they get back with you quickly and solve the issue easily.

6. Domain name. – How you make your blog a

Yes, every blogger wants their own domain name. First, make sure that their address is not already a .com. Two ways of doing this

  • 1. Listen to the long drawn out story about their work that day that you probably lost interest way before she ever gets to this subject.
  • 2. Ask what her website address is. *If you lie and say that you’re asking because you know someone who might like their blog, you get bonus points.

Check her site. You can buy this as well through Host Gator. I believe if you go for a combo pack of the hosting and domain name you get a discount. I would recommend it, but always ask your blogger they are the expert (or at least are part of enough groups that they can figure it out.).

5. WordPress Theme – How to easily make your website look fantastic! 

We bloggers, do love to be fancy! Buying a theme is a great way to boost your websites images with just a bit of work. Actually, it saves her a bunch of time if she is just starting out. Themes make the website building process a dream. Themes are dependent upon where the site is hosted. This will be important to her although be rather meaningless to you. Go ahead and print the coupon below and you can give her that for the big day. Again this is such a personal choice for what she will want and how her blog works, but she will love you forever for this gift! It is so kind, what they really wanted but didn’t want to have to ask for.

4. HootSuite – Social Media Post Scheduler 

HootSuite: Social Relationship Platform

Do you miss seeing this person from the hours of 6 am to 8 am and from 9 pm until ???? If so then this is the perfect gift for you! Hootsuite allows your blogger friend to be able to schedule post ahead to free up time in the day. You are able to post to multiple platforms multiple times a day without having to get onto Facebook and get stuck in the tornado of FACEBOOK! This app works for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and much more. Super great idea! Plus you can sign up here and get a 30 Day FREE trial!

3. Tail Wind Publisher – Specifically For Scheduling Pins on Pinterest. 

A must have for us mama bloggers. Pinning on Pinterest can be any girls dream but after having to pin for a long time and each and every day is kind of unreasonable to ask of any person. That’s why Tail Wind Publisher is so important to anyone who has a lot of images on their website. You can click HERE for a free month trial, it is fantastic, I promise you! You will save so very much precious time. I enjoy having my evenings free again! Sure, I still love Pinterest like no other, but a girl needs her time too, and with this Pinterest Scheduler, it gives you back your time to use as you see fit!

2. – Resource of Marketing, Design, Photography, Graphics

Lynda is a must have for anyone new to the blogging business. They cover not only the technical side with multiple types of classes on all different platforms but they also have an unlimited amount of information on everything else you will need such as photography, editing, marketing, design and so much more! Lynda is a monthly subscription that you can click here for more information.

1. Grammarly – Grammar Checker for Everything! 


Everyone needs Grammarly! I love it so much! As a freelance journalist as well as a blogger, I want my work to look good each and every time! Grammarly makes that happen! It quickly and seamlessly integrates into your browser. From then on when you type, if there are any errors found, Grammarly catches it and allows you to quickly change it within the site you are already on. No need to go to another page to use this app! It has saved me from countless embarrassing moments! The free version works well too, but the paid for version is just the best! Your work always looks professional and correct! I love how it will even correct my commas. This app goes way beyond the standards of a spell check and helps to improve your grammar as it works! You also receive a weekly update on how your grammar is coming along!

So that’s my top seven gifts for bloggers! I would love to hear what you think! Are you a blogger? Do you use any of these services? If you could receive any gift for mother’s day, blogger related, what would it be? I hope that each and everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day!


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