How I became a gardener.

Vertically Challenged Mom Gardening Organic Seeds


This my first post regarding gardening on Vertically Challenged Mom and I feel I should share with you, my experience of becoming a gardener. I am no expert, I am merely a student of nature who is willing to share all information I can find on this subject.

About five years ago, I got caught by the gardening bug. I bought a tomato plant as well as a pepper plant from either a chain store or a roadside gardener. Having gardened with my parents as a child, I had a bit of knowledge on how all of this works, but I didn’t really know anything. I came home, dug a hole in the ground in my front yard and stuck them in. With a little water, care or attention, they ended up somehow surviving. Not only did they survive, they did amazing! We had enough tomatoes from that one plant that we gave them away all summer. I would forget to water them or even check in on them. It was a hobby and I was busy with school and raising a child.

Vertically Challenged Mom Gardening Organic Peas

The next year, I tried making my garden larger and added a flower bed. This year I got serious. I bought a bunch of transplants and had a large vegetable bed (8×8) and a large flower bed. This year I made watering and weeding a priority the garden was looking good that spring. Then as summer came on, we got busy, the weeds grew up huge and the bugs really enjoyed the food. I again wasn’t super serious so I didn’t mind sharing the fruits of my labors. But in July, I ended up really giving up on the gardens and letting them go wild. The hours of weeding a garden bed just isn’t my cup of tea.


The third year, I didn’t even try with a garden because of the discouragement of the weeds from the year before. I was disheartened, convinced that gardening was going to be too much work for what all I had going on. Over the summer that year, there was such an experience of envy toward other farmers gardens and flowerbeds. I decided that it was time I learned something. I want beautiful flower beds and gardens to feed my family too.  I started researching and educating myself on gardening in August for the following year.

Vertically Challenged Mom Tomato ImageI created blueprints of how I was going to lay out my beds. I started all of my seeds in pots at one time early in the spring. I had planned this garden down to a watering schedule created in Excel. I was going to do this, not only do it but this was going to be the year that I created amazing things with the food I grew. Then in may, 1/8th of the way into the season, I hurt my back. Having this injury was the worst event that has ever happened to me personally. It took my ambition, goals and sense of humor away from me. Luckily, after 8 months of therapy, exercise and trying my best to alter my diet, I am back in the condition to work in my garden again.

I look forward to sharing my personal journey of one vertically challenged individual as I continuously transition from a consumer into an Organic Gardener.


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