Vertically Challenged Mom Wilderness Wildlife Week

Wilderness Wildlife Week is coming up soon! Top 5 things you need to know!

Vertically Challenged Mom Wilderness Wildlife Week

Wilderness wildlife week is coming up Coming up May 18–22, 2016 in Pigeon Forge, Tn. This is a great event each year! They have photography exhibits, information on wildlife and hiking, how to keep, care for and enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There are a ton of vendors offering unique items that you cannot buy in a store. You can find all true Great Smoky Mountain people at this event! It is held at the LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge As a photographer, I love to go see others work on display. They have a large photo competition that we have always enjoyed looking at. This year both my daughter and son will be entering along with myself for the first time. I am not a nature photographer by any means and I have a week deadline to create and print, but I do love a deadline and a challenge!

La Conte Centere Pigeon Forge TN
La Conte Center in Pigeon Forge Tn

5. Do your research before ever arriving. Multiple classes and seminars are held throughout the week and you don’t want to miss your favorite. Our family chooses the one day with the most that we want and we try to go with that, although there have been times where myself or my husband went back for a seminar. Most seminars are held in large rooms that are adequate for children, but it’s boring to them honestly unless it is a subject that kids are interested in. Perhaps if you plan on attending a seminar, bring quick and easy activity to occupy children. They do host children based seminars that they enjoy attending as well. You can get your copy of the schedule here.

4. Prepare for traffic. Traffic is always busy in Pigeon Forge, especially in May,  so be ready to sit in traffic both coming and going from the event. There are multiple locations to eat, get gas, even stay near the convention center. Make sure to give yourself enough time to get stuck in traffic just a bit. If you go early or even later in the afternoon, you will miss the large rush right at opening time.

3.  Prepare for your excursions! Everyone must be ready to go when the group plans to depart. At the destination where the event is scheduled to begin. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Check with your schedule to make sure how long your event is and plan to be there until the end.

 Vertically Challenged Mom

2. Get those images ready! If you plan to enter the photo competition, here’s what you need to know. No pets or people allowed in the photo! Must be nature related. They have a Youth, Amature, and Professional categories.  Print deadline is soon so if you plan on mailing them hurry! Don’t forget your self-addressed envelope so that you get your prints back.  There is a ton more info on this that you can find here at Wilderness Wildlife Week Photo Competition 2016. Cash prizes are awarded to the top three images in each category.

  1. HAVE FUN! Yep, it’s a requirement. You must have fun while at this event! I prepare in advance with kids, someone is always hungry, thirsty, or needs a nap. So, we try our best to make sure that we have eaten right before we get there. They do have food, I just have impatient people who don’t like to stand in line when something interesting is just around the corner. So we check food off our list fast. We have a great time walking along through the vendors and I hear that there is going to be so many more venders this year! Be ready to walk, talk and bore your younger kids. We try to make it as much fun as possible.

Wilderness Wildlife Week Pigeon Forge TnI truly thank you for visiting my site! Please check back often, I publish quite often and this crazy family is always up to something! In case you’re interested, I have recipes, tips on photography and gardening.  I would love to hear about your experience at Wilderness Wildlife Week. Did you bring kids? What was your favorite? My daughter is hoping that the author John Rose who wrote the comic strip Snuffy Smith is there again, she wants to show him that she has practiced her drawing. You can follow me here on Pinterest where I have more information or here on Instagram where I will be posting images and video during the event.